Fear Is The Root Cause Of All Dis-ease

By Bruce Haverkos | Uncategorized

Nov 27

More than any other emotion, fear lies at the root of all suffering.  It’s offspring include hate, lack of faith, depression, resentment, jealousy, greed, anxiety, shame, and innumerable other negative mental states.  When fear is allowed to fester in the mind, the body is poisoned with all sorts of toxic biological reactions leading to disturbances in the brain, nervous system, heart, lungs, digestion, and sexual organs.

Where fear resides there can be no inner peace and the body is constantly under stress.  Depending on the degree of fear, the soul is more or less hidden from awareness and spiritual energy and vitality are eclipsed by an experience of darkness, evil and separation.

There is only one remedy for fear and that is to face it directly and reveal its true nature-a fleeting shadow that recedes in the light.  Hence fearlessness is our greatest attribute when undertaking the cultivation of mind, body and/or soul.  By being determined to turn toward the direction of our innermost  darkness, our light of wisdom shines brighter with each step forward.  From this perspective FDR’s words ring true:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

So the next time you experience any kind of negative emotion I encourage you to quietly turn towards it.  Notice where you are experiencing it in your body.  Allow yourself to surrender to it’s message.  Stand with it in peaceful acceptance.  Notice your breathing and bring your attention to your heart.  Above all, love yourself, even though you are having this experience.

The longer you can stay with this experience the more you will notice it transmuting into other sensations and feelings.  This process is working at the root level of your upset.  Do this often and as needed. Before long you will discover that you can stand in the face of any trial and not feel fear.  Instead new forces and feelings will come to your service enabling you to deal most effectively with life’s greatest threats and sorrows.

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Bud Weigand May 19, 2017

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