NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Now Available In Petaluma, California

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Dec 05

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training is now available in Petaluma, California.

When you come for training in our Petaluma office, we will use state of the art equipment to take advantage of the powerful ability of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to take in information and use it to regulate itself, and to do this in the way that is organically right for you. This is brain training for flexibility and resilience. Your brain will use those traits in the unique ways that are right for you. This can have you be at your best, probably in the ways you have in mind, and perhaps in ways that might surprise you.

Like all of us, you have learned to respond to stress in particular ways. Some of these may be what you would like to see change. The central nervous system training we will be doing interrupts state shifts in the brain, including maladaptive responses to stress, and brings the brain back to the present moment. The brain assesses the real current circumstances and has the opportunity to choose if that state shift it was about to make is a useful one or not. It learns from this and uses that learning to rewire itself.

Because the neurofeedback system utilizes your brain’s ability to organize itself — at your pace and in the order of change that is right for you — it is very safe and virtually side effect free. It is non-invasive — nothing is put into your brain except information about what it is doing. Our brains are masterful at taking in information and reorganizing. Your system does not get the information we will be providing this immediately or this precisely anywhere else. Expect it to use it well. Change happens most often in the same effortless, non-consciously ordered way that your body uses to heal a scraped knee without any conscious direction from you.

The state of the art system we use, NeurOptimal®, will read the electrical activity of your brain from the surface of your scalp — 256 times per second. It detects moment to moment changes, including those times when your nervous system displays the turbulence that all systems in nature produce when making a shift from one state to another.

That might be a loss of focus, worry about the past or future, depression, hypervigilance — whatever is in your repertoire. The NeurOptimal® system flags those moments for your brain by a brief interruption to music. The brain alerts to that pause and comes back to the present moment, where it can assess the change it’s about to make, and can learn over time — often very quickly — to run itself in a new, more efficient, flexible and resilient way.

Our office is located at 205 Keller St. # 205 Petaluma, CA 94952 (By Appoinment Only) .  For more information, please contact us at 707 758 1020 or email:

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