How To Make It FUN To Be Healthy….

We want your experience with us to make you feel positive, hopeful, and more fully alive. Therefore it's important to chose goals that are truly meaningful to you, and not just because of external forces (for example, people saying “you have to!”)

Our model of Transformational Health Coaching has no template or standardized approach. Though we specialize in issues related to health, we feel comfortable addressing whatever topic is on your heart or mind. And though we have coaching protocols available to guide our work with various conditions, whatever you need in the moment is always the priority.

We're always happy to refer you to other qualified professionals as well, as a team approach is often best.

We practice active listening and ask a lot of questions.

We work on helping you identify and let go of whatever negative beliefs, limiting thoughts, or fears you may have about your health, habits, life, relationships, self worth, and personal power. We understand the various stages of change, and how to move through them; we help clarify and focus upon whatever you are ready to do right now.

We may coach you differently at different times, depending upon what stage of change you are in. Using the TransTheoretical Model as a guide, we expertly help you craft your next steps, again keeping in mind that change must be meaningful and fun or it won't happen.

Are We A "Fit"?

To help you know more about the busy, dynamic people we serve best, we'll share with you that our ideal clients:

  1. Are sincere, and sincerely want something in their lives to change or be different.

  2. Choose to take appropriate, courageous, bold steps, even though they may be feeling fear, hesitancy, or uncertainty.

  3. Are committed to the process of change, and to the power of commitment itself.

  4. Understand the urgency to begin now. Health conditions do not and will not go away on their own, no matter how much we deny them (smile), and procrastination only makes them worse. The time is now!

  5. Understand that any investment made now to improve health is much less time, energy, and money than what it will cost later, once things go (really) wrong.

  6. Have a sense of humor (not always easy, we realize), and at least a desire to feel more Joy or Happiness.

  7. Believe in, and perhaps have experience of, That Which is Greater Than Us (known by many different names, such as God or Spirit).

The only question for you right now is,

Are you ready to create?

***Included in our coaching is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback and HeartMath® training***