About Optimal Heart and Mind: Our Mission

Our Mission

Are you concerned about your health? High blood pressure? Pre-diabetes? Do you know people with dementia? Or, have concerns about your own memory? Unnerving, isn’t it?

Here at Optimal Heart and Mind, we have personal experience with health challenges.

It was my Occupational Therapy Pediatrics professor who shocked me, saying: “Your mother may have had undiagnosed gestational diabetes. That can often be the case when you’re a big baby.”  And, I was big - 9.5 lbs - especially considering that I’m just 5 ft 2 inches now – my Mother’s size also.

Aha!  Understanding diabetes, this helped to explain the condition I had as a child.

Significant, because this condition lead to my first surgery. I was not yet 5. Yuck. Traumatic.

The trauma of that surgery eventually lead to another surgery. And to my lifelong interest in health. And to my determination to overcome oppressive challenges that seem to hold me back.

As I have worked hard to promote my own health, so I want to promote yours. And as I have struggled to free myself from obstacles, so I want to help free you. 

To this end, we offer:

Insightful health coaching – we love the collaborative model between equals– as you claim and enjoy your health.

Sleep Coaching -  to help you get the rest you need – and to activate this potent weapon against dementia. Visit SleepLiberation.com to learn more.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback – based upon models of neuroplasticity, and holographic memory. Optimize your brain for everyday living, an inspired performance, and/or recovery from injury or trauma. 

HeartMath Biofeedback – We include this in our coaching sessions. More information coming soon!

Our Overarching Mission is to help you live a long, happy, healthy, life - connected to loved ones, community and purpose – and free from drugs, disease, dementia and depression. We invite you to join us!